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Women, the bride’s family and friends, go in the car to the groom’s village. The women were all crying (extremely uncommon in Gambian culture) because my host sister was leaving her village for good and may be visiting only rarely. Around two, the bride’s contingent showed up in the compound to look at the cow to be slaughtered for the meal. I helped a man from my village kill the cow and cut up the meat. Then everyone got up and I could not see where my host sister went.Men usually do not go, but my family encouraged me to go to the groom’s village to see what happens next. In the evening the bride and her contingent showed up in the compound as the sun was going down. Luckily a woman explained to me what was going to happen.A new Love is waiting for you and will maybe change your life.No more now need to join Lebanon chat rooms to find girls in Lebanon, simply connect to Yagharami and chat online with many boys and girls in Lebanon.The Fula, also known as Fulani, are a nomadic or semi-nomadic people scattered all across the desert areas of Africa. My host sister was getting married, but the woman he pointed to was not my host sister. She reminded me of a mummy because I could not see any skin. The wedding began the day before in the bride’s father’s compound (where I lived). My host sister had over 40 buckets, 250 meters of fabric, and 70 bowls not to mention the other household items she received. To me, it seemed such a waste to have some items of the same kind because these people do not have enough money to replace their own broken bowls and buckets, but one woman gets more buckets, meters of fabric and bowls than she could use in her entire life.They were among the first African peoples to accept Islam and today are 99% Muslim, though their actual practice of Islam varies widely. Later I learned the presents are actually shared with the family and friends.The bride contingent stayed the entire morning in a different compound while people arrived in the groom’s compound. I sat in the back watching as a family friend picked my host sister up to lay her down on the prayer mat. I quickly followed a bunch of people as they headed to the open well.

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