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It's elegant and intricate without looking contrived or overdone. Pickwick's in Stowe — where throwaway garnishes consisted of ruffled kale leaves and orange slices — to Michael's on the Hill in Waterbury Center.

There, over a decade, Paine played with plating techniques and refined his style.

His photos from the end of that period reveal a deft hand with ingredients: a rectangle of rabbit terrine scattered with frilled lovage leaves and the crimson petals of wild bergamot flowers, a slice of pickled tongue with spruce tips and mushroom confit.

It's the simple things to you and I like eating when you want, what you want and where you want. Resident-centered meal service is no longer about serving the food on trays or adding tablecloths.

IMPORTANCE OF FOOD From earliest times man has realized that providing food for himself and his family was one of his major tasks.

He knew that food sustained life, and he also noticed that a full stomach brought happiness and contentment.

The human body, however, is able to repair itself to a large degree.

Whether well or ill, the body must have certain specific substances to carry on its various functions, including the provision of fuel and materials for growth and repair of itself.

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