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Likewise, individuals have a right to control images of their own likeness, and you cannot film people and distribute the video without their consent.When you want to upload a video to Dailymotion, you must, in accordance with our TOS, make sure you have permission of any other authors implied in its production (director, screenwriter, musician, etc .). Dailymotion invites all users to participate by posting videos or commenting on videos posted by others.Dailymotion est un site communautaire qui permet à ses utilisateurs de mettre en ligne, visionner, partager et commenter des vidéos.The following are completely prohibited: In cases of flagrant violation of these terms, we may report the content and its uploader to the relevant authorities.All works whatsoever (articles, books, songs, movies ... ) can only be reproduced with the permission of its creator, the author: this is the base of copyright.

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