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Stevenson became well known from starring with then teen heartthrob Shaun Cassidy in the The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries series, produced by Glen A.

Parker, the son of a Broadway actress and an investment advisor, began his acting career as a summer job.

Instead of going to college in season 4, Parker used his college fund to set-up his own mining operation, and found an impressive 1029 oz of gold in his rookie season in the Klondike.

Last season Parker came out on top in a competition with Todd by pulling a staggering 3362 ounces of gold worth almost 3.7 million dollars out of his Scribner claims.

Famous for his participation in the Discovery Channel's Gold Rush reality series, this Alaskan gold miner took the reins of the family mine, and showed he had the mettle to lead a team of grizzled miners twice his age when he was just 16 years old.Stevenson was born on June 4, 1952, in the Main Line of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, as Richard Stevenson Parker, Jr., one of two sons of Richard Stevenson Parker, Sr., an investment advisor, by an actress who acted in numerous television commercials using the stage name Sarah Meade (nee' Price); the latter took him to a filming session when he was five years of age.This resulted in his making two small television appearances.BACK IN THE DAY when the television season began in the fall, when I dreaded Sunday nights because it meant there would be school the next day, I had one thing to look forward to at the end of the weekend: new episodes of The Hardy Boys/Nancy Drew Mysteries. The show lasted a few years, a few cast changes and a failed overhaul back in the 70’s, when my developing sexuality was still a mystery, when I was still a child.Somewhere between Pamela Sue Martin as Nancy Drew and Parker Stevenson as Frank Hardy, my pre-adolescent hormones got switched on.

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