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Jon Ossoff is a native of Atlanta, Georgia and was raised at Northlake, an incorporated community of Georgia’s 6th congressional district.

Name: Michael Lichaa Junior Club: Cronulla Caringbah, Yarrawarra Tigers Birthplace: Wollongong What do you like to do away from football? As a kid, I looked up to a lot of players but my Idol would have to be Brad Fitler. My first ever game of NRL was actually against the Bulldogs when I debuted for the Sharks… If you weren’t playing league, what would you be doing?

I was an apprentice carpenter before I became a full time rugby league player with the Cronulla Sharks. My main goals are to win a Grand Final with the Bulldogs and also to play State of Origin. The thing I love most about rugby league is turning up to work every day and being surrounded by some of your best mates who you have forged such strong bonds with. My biggest influence would be my parents; the sacrifices they made when I was growing up taking me to training and games as well as inspiring me to be a better person will always stay with me. My earliest memory in rugby league would be winning my first ever premiership… ” Who is the player you looked up to as a kid and why? My favourite sportsman would have to be Josh Morris, he doesn’t look much like a good footballer but looks can be very deceiving. I love playing against Johnathan Thurston, he is the best player I have ever seen. I would never miss watching Entourage, such a great show. I would have to say travelling America is right up there on my bucket list. I would play ping pong, there is no fitness involved…

He interned for Georgia congressman and civil rights leader John Lewis during his high school.

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