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'' '' OK'', I sed in a sexy mood. This is grownup stuff--why i don't tell Do u konw waht is rael FRIENDSHIP Im gving yuo an exmpel: Jsut ese tihs msg.. You are giving so much and i really wish each day for a miracle but God as a reason for everything and i must say i wish i knew why but i dont. And if you give her malaria meds now she will just vomit. She said,'' do u mind if I go into the bedroom for a minute ? You're not supposed to have to deal with this stuff. When in doubt ask especially You are a great role model. If she takes enough to replace her loss her temp will reduce. The Tibetan manuscripts were still there after the Chinese authorities had removed most of the Chinese manuscripts to Beijing in 1910.Subsequently a relatively small number of Tibetan manuscripts were acquired by the Otani and Oldenburg expeditions but, in 1919, a government official sent to Dunhuang reported finding 94 scroll bundles and 11 pothi volumes. They were then removed from the cave, but their fate afterwards is little known outside China.

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Right: Tibetan manuscripts in pothi and scroll form from the Dunhuang library cave photographed by Stein in 1907. This issue of the newsletter is devoted to the Tibetan manuscripts and Tibetan Silk Road art and culture.

Although the majority of the manuscripts found in the library cave in Dunhuang were Chinese, reflecting the fact that the Chinese empire controlled this area for much of the first millennium, there were also considerable numbers in other languages, primarily Tibetan and Uighur.

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