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And I've been frustrated and confused, because narcissists come in all shapes and sizes—and some are much harder to spot than others. While this is incredibly difficult to deal with in a romantic relationship, it is also what helps some narcissists become successful in their careers.3. It's nearly impossible for a narcissist to admit when he or she is wrong. Even when you know you haven't done anything wrong, you will feel you are running in circles trying to explain your side.6. As mentioned above, narcissists set unrealistic expectations of others.

As a result, narcissists do as they please and don't have any remorse.

It doesn't provide a healthy and stable environment for a relationship.

We sometimes become so engrossed in the person we love that we fail to notice some obvious signs of selfishness and inconsiderate behaviour. However if you are a keen observer then you can easily make out the selfish behaviour.

Here are some signs which indicate that your boyfriend is selfish in the relationship: Self-obssessed: You know that your boyfriend is selfish if he keeps talking about himself all the time.There are few things that turn on a guy more than knowing he’s turning on a girl.Show him how and, once he succeeds, he’ll realize how much more satisfying sex is when you’re satisfied as well.He talks only about work, his friends, his feelings and everything that concerns only him.He will let you have a few sentences in between but mostly the conversation is all about him.

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