Dating mamas boy

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I’ve known mothers who have made doctor’s appointments and called jobs when not needed.That’s sounds more like a WIFE than a MOTHER to me.He appears to have it all together but when in the company of his mother he totally losses it and can’t think for himself.

If you are feeling like this, chances are you have a mama’s boy.A mama’s boy isn’t only fond of his mother but crazy about her. Your boyfriend and his mom have an unbreakable bond that you won’t usually see under normal circumstances.This means you’ll see his mom calling a few times in the day which is way above the normal once or twice a week. So, don’t assume for even a moment just because he has fallen in love with you, he’ll stop loving his mom less.It's completely toxic to any relationship he will ever have.So my suggestion to you is don't look for much; just look the other way.

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