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Iam educated, well read and have high moral standards. I am looking for something long term which would ...In my previous articles, I presented evidence to show that the currently accepted version of Indian history is deeply flawed due to wrong identifications of the two sheet anchors that have been used to fix Indian history.I presented evidence to show that Sandrokottos of Greek accounts should be identified with Chandragupta-I of Imperial Gupta Dynasty, instead of Chandragupta Maurya.The currently accepted version of Indian history starts in the sixth century BCE and places a number of historical personalities where they do not belong chronologically.In the revised chronological framework our age old traditions find validations and our heroes, who nourished and protected our civilization, find their true places in history.

I enjoy fitness, going for long walks, I enjoy food a lot and love going lots of different places trying different food.

(I also got to experience that tumultuous rush of feelings and insights that only come from discovering something you reeeaaally don’t like about yourself. First, I thought, I’ll add a blurb about all of my accomplishments.

Wasn’t it vulnerability researcher Brene Brown who charmingly referred to her own tumultuous rush as a mental breakdown in her viral 2010 Ted Talk…or was it a spiritual awakening…I can’t remember) And because, like I said, I am a really good Buddhist practitioner, I sunk into the abyss of these questions while I created my profile. No pictures that made me look too goofy, or too serious, too fat or too skinny. I wanted to get this point across: I AM a young, sensitive, attractive gay male who is actively engaged in several spiritually based, contemplative communities. The stuff about insecurities and vanity or any of the other things I am red-handedly guilty of feeling on any given Tuesday at 2 p.m. Those accomplishments that are framed and hanging up on my bedroom wall. All of the exciting things, none of the weird things. And so, after carefully curating a dating profile replete with words like “authenticity” and “purpose” and “organic kale”, I had successfully shared with the world the perfectly dateable me….right?

So then what is non-attachment in a loving, committed relationship?

My understanding of attachment is that it’s not about what we have or don’t have, but what our expectations of them are.

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