Dating for the celiac

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Everyone handles their food allergy, sensitivity or celiac disease differently (some people are very shy about it, others use it as a conversation starter).

It's not like you want to tell a guy, ' Hey, I have this disease," so you have to handle it in a way that makes you personally comfortable and confident.' "How to be honest about it: "For me, I haven't gone out with anyone who didn't already know that I couldn't eat gluten - it's part of their getting to know me.

A recent study by the NPD Group found that almost one-third of Americans are avoiding gluten or have eliminated it from their diet completely.

While awareness of the gluten-free lifestyle is growing, many people are finding that their level of adherence to a gluten-free diet is heavily influenced by social interactions.

Gluten intolerance and sensitivity have been proven to negatively influence social behavior in areas such as travel, work, dating, parties, group meals and sharing traditional ethnic cuisine.

When members of the Canadian Celiac Association were surveyed, it was found that 81% avoided restaurants, 38% avoided travel and 91% brought their own gluten-free food with them when traveling due to the difficulties of maintaining a gluten-free diet.

Order a light meal and spend time focusing on your date, rather than your appetite. It's also a great way for your date to learn something new and important about you!

Be positive about it, but make sure not to over-discuss the topic. Don't be afraid to take matters into your own hands and suggest YOUR favorite restaurant or bar for the date.

“Being diagnosed with gluten intolerance myself, I know there can be various social limitations when someone is dealing with special dietary restrictions on a date, especially when you are meeting someone new and going out to restaurants often,” said , Founder.“Now, My Gluten Free is the perfect place where people can socialize and find dating partners or friends who understand, share and support the same health views.” My Gluten Free is driven by a desire to make life easier for gluten-free singles.Trying to navigate dating and friendships while being gluten-free can seem impossible.Even though gluten-free diets are becoming more common even for people without celiac disease, explaining a disease and a super strict diet isn't the easiest or most romantic thing to do on a first date.Rather than let the disease get in her way, Jules developed an all purpose gluten-free flour and writes a blog filled with yummy recipes.

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