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Facing these challenges, taking the necessary time to get our footing and opening the doors to finding love again is best achieved when we balance patience with courage.

Having coached countless hundreds of clients seeking to find love after a loss, there are some proven steps for regaining your strength, trust, faith, confidence and moving forward: 1. Trying to get back into “the game” by jumping back into a relationship before your mind is clear and heart is sufficiently healed is a formula for disaster.

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They fall flat on their faces when a “rebound” relationship fails.

Getting back into “game shape” for life and love begins with putting your emotional house in order. This means facing our fears, rather than letting them run us, fending off feelings of desperation and panic, allowing ourselves ample time to heal, finding constructive ways to express the anger and sorrow we may feel and keeping the faith that we’ll someday find love again.

And is it fair that a griever has to cope with this tremendous grief while also answering questions from family and friends about whether they plan to date again?

Or is it fair that a griever may face judgement from those who think that they aren’t ready to date or believe they shouldn’t? Just as every person is unique, so is their reaction to the losses they face.

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