Ben dating roethlisberger

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So why not take a look back with us on the eve of St.

If he does so, it will be a career high in touchdowns thrown in a season for the long time veteran. No doubt due to the fact that the Steelers are normally in contention for a playoff berth towards the end of the regular season.

Roethlisberger did not play quarterback until his senior year, giving way to the coach's son, Ryan Hite.

Ben Roethlisberger (born March 2, 1982, in Findlay, Ohio), is an American football quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL.

He was touted by Steelers coach Bill Cowher in a press conference as a franchise quarterback.

He took over from Steelers starting quarterback Tommy Maddox when he was injured during a game against the Baltimore Ravens in Week 2.

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